Building Growth in Your Workplace

July 3, 2023
Aspire Leadership

Creating a workplace that not only grows but thrives can be a challenge for even the top businesses. When your team feels trusted to share their opinions and challenge the status quo, they have the space to exercise curiosity. However, when curiosity isn’t encouraged, your team can become stagnant and complacent.

There are three roadblocks we’ve identified that can keep you from being a leader that promotes growth. There are some simple actions you can take to avoid stagnation and isolation. 

ROADBLOCK #1: You are involved in or make every decision.

Influential leaders know that trust and delegation is an essential component to creating a highly-functioning team. If you operate using a command and control method, you aren’t encouraging your team to stay curious. You’re teaching them that it’s your way or the highway. When you show your team that collaboration and innovation are more important to you than complete control, your opinion carries more weight and your team feels like they have a real seat at the table.

ROADBLOCK #2: You deliver instructions and opinions more than you ask questions and seek input.

If you struggle with this roadblock as a leader, you might be running a dictatorship rather than a team. When you stop asking questions and pushing the limit, business growth plateaus because no one seeks improvement. Their lack of curiosity leads to your overwhelm and their disengagement. When you take the time to regularly communicate and seek your team’s feedback or opinions, they feel free to honestly engage with their own thoughts.

ROADBLOCK #3: You keep experiencing the same problems again and again.

Nobody likes walking in circles. If you do not exercise curiosity, you run the risk of overlooking possibilities, stagnating your growth, and impeding your legacy as an influential leader. When you run into the same problems, you clearly haven’t come up with solutions or dialogue with your team about why the problem is happening in the first place. Starting this dialogue will help reengage your team and reignite their curiosity.

A growth gap leads to isolation and overwhelm. As a curious leader, you build influence when leaning into those around you and engaging in make-it-better conversations. When you actively invite your team to participate in innovation, you commit to growing together.